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Zsolo Headphones

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Zsolo Headphones

Bluetooth headset

Noise Cancellation


Comes in five colors: black’ white’ red’ rose gold’ purple

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Zsolo Headphones

  1. Sam

    Had your first addition per they work wonderful just purchased this once the solo wow unbelievable great looking forward for the next addition

  2. Jennifer Russo

    Amazing headphones I purchase them at Utah state fair And I just did some orders online for Christmas I love them

  3. Alex

    Bought them last month and I loveee them! When I connect to tv I feel like I’m in the movie it’s insane!!

  4. chuck

    I purchased my Zedd Solo headphones in Las Vegas on vacation and I must say that I am happy with them so far. Very comfortable and the music sounds awesome in them. The most I have ever spent on Headphone but I must say that they are worth it. I did not pay what the website charges.

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